Aircraft Ground Spacing

Hey all. Welcome to another tutorial, this time I will be discussing the subject of ground spacing between aircraft. It has been a problem which not many pilots have understood on Infinite Flight. Hopefully this can assist!

Aircraft Ground Spacing

In Infinite Flight its more professional to maintain safe distances between aircraft especially on the Ground, first thing you need to know is the distances. Its different for different aircraft. By following the diagrams below, you can help make Infinite Flight a more professional and realistic environment. Here is a basic diagram:

  • JET
    30m (100ft)

  • PROP
    15m (50ft)

Caculating this in Infinite flight maybe a little tricky, so here are some other game diagrams to help.

As I said before it is a little tricky to caculate the distance in Infinite Flight so a little trick to do is imagining an A320 in between you, slotting in comfortably.


I hope this small tutorial has helped you! Thanks for reading :) Oli H

Thanks @QantasVirtualAirways for assiting with the photos.


So that is why I was needed ;)


Yea thanks for that Mack! :) I’ll credit you


@MaxSez@Skylines… Great tut. Suggest you expand this a bit Oli. A photo showing separation between.turbine and recip types be included in this tutorial. Jet blast and wind vortext is an issue that must be consider during taxi and mentioned in text. regards


That’s the hard bit Max, but thanks for pointing it out. I may include that information later on. I was planning to anyway


This is really needed. So many people are kissing each others APUs lol


Idea? Ha ha it’s not an idea buddy it’s a tutorial. This is real aviation rules.

But it would be nice to see IF pilots following this.

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This is very helpful. Sadly, Grade 1ers fail to have the skills to look these up.
You know what I mean, for example KNUC or KLAX during Rush Hour

  • It is the little things that make the world a better place.

Great and very helpful tutorial!

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I hate little Cessna aircraft sneaking up my tail. And the big aircraft, barging through the line. Great tutorial!


Nicely done. Good tutorial

Basically just don’t tailgate

I’ve started following this rule and will ignore all Continue taxi instructions from ATC

Well if you do that then you’ll probably get ghosted for disrupting the traffic flow

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I expected that answer and I don’t care…

It’s quite annoying to see pilots squish up on the taxiway, if they understood the spacing, we would have a much more realistic experience.

Especially for advanced. This is where I’ve noticed it, not sure about anyone else.


For once I followed this and people flamed me for doing it…

Lol this community can’t make up their mind! xD

I’m just replying because their a lot people that just don’t know about this.

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Hey ground ATC… Can y’all start using the command “please maintain a safe distance from the plane in front of you” or something like that! Hey @Joe, remind them. Cause this is getting out of control and is very annoying. As Joe said BE PATIENT… Especially on the expert server! And pilots… PAY ATTENTION. You are on the expert server, then behave as an expert pilot! Period.