Aircraft graphics problem

When I am flying and put my Graphics to the Highest setting some spots on the livery are blurry but when I did used the high graphics on the same device yesterday everything was clear and not blurred Image

Any fix thanks

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What device are you on? I’ve experienced this on my Ipad Mini 4, all I did was restart, haven’t had a similar problem since.

I use an iPhone 6s

It might help to restart your device.

Another fix could be clearing your cache.

It might also be a problem with your device. Is your IOS updated to the latest version?

If these don’t work, try deleting IF, then reinstall it.

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@Captainflight Do you still have problems with this after doing the suggested steps given by @Marquatzi?

I don’t have the problem it was a 1 off

Alrighty. Just making sure you got it fixed.

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