Aircraft getting stuck in mid air

“Thank you for contacting support!”

Ehrm… ookaay…

And it does not happen because of that.


Copy and paste from what Tyler says lmao.

But in all seriousness, I’ve never had that myself nor seen it before. Perhaps DM somebody regarding this.

I encountered this issue a little while ago. We figured out that the most probable reason was that the terrain was not accurately rendered. Basically, due to the device limitations (best guess) the terrain is slightly larger than is displayed. Kind of like a box around a circle - slightly larger than the circle. This means that you most likely crashed into terrain which was not properly displayed - as you flew too close to the ground. Your app most likely froze due a random crash, or maybe the app’s confusion as to why you crashed.
@schyllberg - step in if I am wrong.

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I’ve never encountered this myself, but your explanation sounds reasonable.

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The plane gets stuck, but the app doesn’t crash. The way you have described it, sounds reasonable, also experienced this issue on the latest Samsung Android device. Thank you.