Aircraft getting stuck in mid air

I tried to fly over this terrain in carribean, but my plane got stuck in mid air. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?
Latest IF Version
Android Tablet

Give us datas?(IFversion,…

Does your whole device freeze?

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No, my whole device doesn’t freeze. Only the plane gets stuck.

Very odd. Can you access the menus? Does this always happen using that aircraft in that location? Please provide us with more details.

I can do everything else. It’s not just about this location. I have experienced this in other regions too. Not with larger aircrafts, usually the smaller GAs.

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I’ve never had this problem before. What brand is your device?

Where does this happen? TNCM?

I’m using Samsung device.

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Yes, near TNCM, Mountainous regions mainly.

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That’s odd, that’s what I use. Maybe it’s something to do with the amount of ram you are using. Find the app on your tablet called Smart Manager (It comes with all Samsung devices), clean your ram and try to keep it below 55%. If that doesn’t help I’m sorry but I can’t think of anything else.

No that too doesn’t seem to work… thank you very much for your help, anyway.

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You probably got stuck in the terrain. Nothing much of an issue. Were you spawned on short final to runway 28?

As shown in the picture, my plane was in the air. After getting stuck, my plane wasn’t moving but was stuck in the air. I was not automatically spawned anywhere after that, I took a photograph of it and asked for support.

The issue I mentioned looks like you’re stuck in the air. Did this happen after hitting short final?

Great picture and great job in telling us the device you use btw

I took off runway 10, flew past a hill, then found myself stuck in the air.

I’ve had this issue on IOS because my phone was out of memory.

Did you check that?

Thanks for finally telling what happened rather than a picture and great details.

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Yes, have enough free memory, don’t think that is the issue.

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Thank you for contacting support!

Stuff like this happens when your device memory is low, if you can, please go to your device settings and maybe clear cache memory, if not restart your device completely, or maybe find the source that is taking up all of your device memory.

Hopefully your resolve this and you can get back to playing