Aircraft Fuel Burn

Good afternoon everyone.

As I have flown in the sim, I thought it might be interesting to compare fuel burn rates of various aircraft when certain factors like distance, payload, and cruise profiles are changed. I have attached a table that I have made and am continuing to update as I continue to fly, what I find interesting is that the actual fuel burn rates for aircraft like the A330 and A340 are much different from the sim’s predicted fuel consumption figures. I plan for two-hour reserves and 2,000ft step climbs. Let me know what y’all think. Enjoy!


Do I wanna ask how long it took you to make this?

Probably started around three months ago and I update it after every flight I take.

Mad respect man, I can’t imagine the amount of effort you put into this!

Oh, and by the way welcome to the community!

I quite find this helpful thanks a lot. And much obliged

Welcome to the community! Just reply or PM me or anyone if you need anything at all!

Can’t imagine the time and effort this took, great job!

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