Aircraft frezes at start of flight

whenever i start a new flight, the plane spawns but doesn’t move. all the readouts say 0 but when i make an input it still changes the N1 and the sounds but the plane just stays frozen in mid air. i can submit a video if necessary but i am in school right now. hoping someone sees this cause it kinda makes the app unusable.

Device: iPhone 11
Operating system: iOS 17.1.2

Hi there!

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I think a video of what you’re experiencing might be really useful.

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it wont let me so i will have to do it later when i have beter wifi. i will try again in 3 or so hours when im back home

Do you have the engines powered on? Also welcome to the infinite flight community.

It’s possible they don’t have Engine Start Automatic UPON Spawn enabled so they have to turn on the systems and start the engines which they aren’t familiar with.

In mid-air?

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lol, I should have read that twice. 😬

Would be fun though.
Spawning on final without engines.
Just a hige “glider”. 😂🙈

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Flying into the airport nice and quiet like an owl! 🦉

Very sustainable. ;)

well duu. sometimes i spawn in the air.

It won’t let me upload the video

You have to first upload the video on YouTube and send a link here. The IFC does not support videos.

I can’t do that. I’m not allowed to upload video to you tube. (My mom says so)

If it is so, try to upload a replay video via

Message me on discord, I’ll send it there. I have the same username

Try the old-fashioned way.

How long do you wait after spawning. Try just leaving your phone out and waiting for 10-15 minutes.

If your flight loads extremely quickly (or very slowly) it might be because your flight loaded prematurely.

ok i will! hopfully this works

it did not work

Does this issue occur when you are on your home WiFi too?