Aircraft for long houl flights?


So I was trying to fly with the a330 (EDDF-KLAX) I was on fuelplanner and even my aircraft had fuel for 16 hours. But it was so overweight that the climb performance was so terrible that my aircraft loses speed with +1000 fpm. And ETE TO dest said I don’t have enough fuel.
So, what aircraft can I use for this route?

Boeing triple seven or 787 always works for me. Not really a flier of Airbus so can’t answer for Airbus.

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The A330 is known to be an underpreformer so you may have had to use a lighter load of PAX and Cargo. The A359, 787, and quite a few other aircraft should be able to do this route with ease though.


You should step climb in the A330

I always do stepcliming. But 1 minute after takeoff the climb performance is just terrible.

Then I will go with the a359

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I would use the A359. 👍

Did you rotate too early?

Yeah, i was doing that already.

no, i rotate at 200 kts

Hmm? Rotating at 200kts?

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