Aircraft Flying Statisitcs

Does anyone know of a good site to find statistics for each aircraft featured in IF. Required takeoff/landing runway length. Takeoff/crusing/landing speeds. Flap settings. etc. Thanks for the help!

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I use this site, hope it will help you

Wikipedia is also a good source of information!

recommend also searching for Delta Virtual Airlines Operations Manual for each aircraft (they have all the Jet Passenger Aircraft that are currently in IF I think). They have the large PDF files which gives you a lot of information, basis towards Microsoft flight operations but a lot still valid, at the back of each manual are some interesting checklists as well as the V number templates.

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

@wxguy518… Each Aircraft on IF has a Pilot Operations Handbook (POH). These handbooks are available on the Web, search by model eg; A-320. Max Sends

Are these specific to IF Max or are they generic?

Thank you!

@David_Lockwood… Since IF build out there aircraft to air worthiness specs I believe the manufacturers specs as published in the POH’s are the most accurate. The Virtual’s data in most cases come from the POH’s. Max Sends


Wikipedia has never been a good source of information…


welllllllllll maybeee , but at least it can give you a starting point in your research! I take everything on Wikipedia with a grain of salt and cross reference it!
Aircraft lookup table.

I am working on a flight crew operating manual for the 330/340 :)

The link Seem a little short of required data like “V’s”, “Flap set” etc. The POH’s are certified by the manufacture. I consider them and Carrier Quick Ref guides and Crew Handbooks Gospel! Max Sends