Aircraft flying 700+ knots

I was on advanced server at the charlotte region and I saw an American Airlines A321 flying at 25,000 ft at 705 knots (ground speed), I wondered if he would get ghosted, but luckily he did not, so it’s still a rule right-that you can’t fly over 550 knots below 40,000 ft?


There is still a rule. He must have been extremely lucky not to have been ghosted.

The rule mainly applies for when ATC is active. We can’t be everywhere at once, but to encourage it I’d recommend you report the user.

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I just did!

He still isn’t ghosted!

I think you need 3 people to report that person before he is ghosted.

Yes please continue to report users not interfering with anyone else that are violating unrealistic rules.

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@AR_AR unrealistic!?

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