Aircraft fell out of the sky

Hello everyone
I was just about to cruise on my flight when I noticed that my a321 started banking left and right slowly but then it became more violently and caused a bank of almost 90 degrees and 4+ stalls, and a rapid descend of -50000 FPM although I did nothing and now I have to redo everything again I can show a replay of the flight if necessary.

Could it be your aircraft was too heavy for the altitude you were flying at?

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the time I took off it was over the MLW

This happens when the aircraft is too heavy. Which alttitude did it happen?

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It could possibly be the weight of the plane and fast climb rate. Heavier it is the more difficult you need to calculate the weight and altitude

At about 34000 feet, just 2K feet before my cruise altitude. Then my autopilot automatically disconnected due to flight parameters

Some extra information:

Did you recover from the stall by pulling the yolk down ?

nope, it stalled until it fell down to the ground like a rock

You wrote it was above MLW, so the aircraft must have been pretty heavy. 36000 ft was probably too high, next time try to initially climb to 30 or 32000 and after a while do a step-climb if it is a longer flight.

Next time aim for 30fl to 33fl

What was your lb from the plane?

Some other information that might help: