Aircraft falls through the ground

My aircraft when spawning decides that wants to make a trip to hell and rocket into the ground at mach 3 and if I don’t be careful i get speed violation. Only happens in hawaii but have to go there cause if atc is only there rn. Help

If you mean that your aircraft is falling through the ground, then try clearing your scenery cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

Yup, thamks ill try

Nope doesn’t work

Is it just that airport? You might have to consider reinstalling.

Okay, did you certainly select ‘Yes’ when you selected ‘Clear Scenery Cache’ as I’ve made that mistake before?

If you have, try clearing the scenery cache and restarting your device and app, clearing other running background apps.

First time accidentally clicked no but second i clicked yes. Ill try restart

Okay, let us know if it works then! :)

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Working! Thanks guys!


No problem, glad the issue has been resolved! Have a great day!

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You too! (Making sure the character limit is happy)

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