Aircraft Falling without Control

Before taking off I did the whole briefing necessário for the flight, and when it was more than an hour of flight my aircraft began to fall without control, and happened that I took 6 violations without reasons, that either it happened two times with me, or I saw that and a mistake, someone might help me in spite of the fact that that is damaging me with violations.

First of all violations can’t be removed. Did the airplane stall then or just fall out of the sky?

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Simplesmente cai do nada não entendi o motivo, isso já aconteceu duas vezes

Violations will roll off after a few days. Unfortunately it is hard to identify what happened while you were flying. Most of the time this is due to accidentally turning off auto pilot. There are other scenarios where you could have stalled.


It was not that was antecioso with the flight, and that already damaged me two times.

Do you have a video? Otherwise… idk.

That leaves agent disheartened to simulate.

Unfortunately, without some sort of video it is hard to identify what happened. Just be patient and the violations will roll off. Maybe try doing another flight? Be sure to reboot your device prior to your flight so your device is fresh.

Any more we do not guess when the unexpected thing will be going to happen. I already saw that it is not going to have solution, disheartened.

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