aircraft falling mid flight

I’ve been having issues with CRJ-900 literally falling out of the sky mid flight. The flight from Pittsburg (KPIT) to New River Valley (KPSK) is problem free until about 15 mins remaining in flight. The aircraft begins losing altitude and crashes no matter what I do to try to correct. I check flight path, set altitude, speed, everything. This happens every time I fly this route. I don’t run any external apps.

What’s your altitude, VS, and Cruising speed?

What is the WiFi and the device?

Hmm seems interesting!
Could you send all possible details, including the full-blown flight plan when the crash took place? I want to try it on my own. Who knows if it happens to be an odd bug in IF ;)

*I’m currently on a vacation but we’re heading home soon. I’ll be testing your route asap.

I’ve lately had this problem during long hauls. Perhaps your plane is too heavy to climb to your cruising speed. There’s a tutorial over step climbing, maybe go check it out.

Is your aircraft pitched up very high at cruise? You could possibly be experiencing a stall which occurs when you climb too quickly and if you are too heavy. Before it falls out of the sky do you get a message that looks like the below?

FL120, 220Kts, 0 VS.

I know what a stall is, and no the aircraft is not pitched up.

It’s not too heavy. I check all fuel, passenger, and cargo weight before departing. I get no alarm, the autopilot doesn’t even disengage. When this happens I have no control over the aircraft. It doesn’t even nose down, it just falls out of the sky.

Obvious awnser, but make sure you have enough fuel.

Even if he didn’t have enough fuel he could have glided. Don’t jump to conclusions please.

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I’m no noob. I check Fuel, Passengers, Cargo prior to pushback. I do everything by the book.

Is it specific to this route and aircraft, or does it happen with others as well?

Also, have you tried restarting your phone. Maybe backup and reset and reinstalling Infinite flight.

Similar issues have been happening recently on other routes/aircraft. I have reinstalled the app. Some flights go with no issues, but others have weird problems.

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If the winds were very strong it may pitched the aircraft up, turned the aircraft so much that it had to turn off the A/P and you simply crashed.

The only real way to see what is happening is if you can reproduce it and record it while it is happening. There are simply way too many variables at play which basically leaves people guessing what happens.


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