Aircraft Fall Bug over Joshua National Park

#support - Was flying #live over Joshua State Park

  1. plane on cruise started to fall out of no where
  2. was able to gain control after about 20 seconds
  3. The Over Speed Sound Effect would not stop even though right speed re-maintained
  4. Received 2 violations during flight fall – do you just recommend ending flights so you don’t receive such violations

Sounds like a one-time bug… can you reproduce the issue?

I believe this is a known bug…

What was your altitude at the time?

Touchscreens can be sensitive. Its likely you might have bumped the AP button on the user interface and didn’t realize it. Recommend that you utilize the settings the in-app settings that hide the User interface and status bar.


Were your already at cruise for a while? I’m wondering if you lost airspeed and stalled.

I’m wondering the same thing. It shure does sound like a stall.

Yes probably in cruise for 15 minutes at that point.

It was sitting on the other side of my desk. I was in cruise for a while.
There was no violation warning that came up, but it look like it registered 6 violations…

I was at FL370 in cruise at the time with A/T & AP on

That is what I do when this occurs just to be on the safe side! And I’m sure that it doesn’t have much to do with the location it happened

It’s likely that you stalled then as @Chatta290 said. Violations don’t accumulate right away so the overspeeding had to have been occurring for a bit a time (warning comes first at the top of your screen) then violations accumulate after the warning timer expires. What was your cruise speed, weight and you are certain you weren’t climbing anymore at this time?

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May have been a stall, but it was sudden and must have been cause by a bug… i’m an app developer i know one when i see one… writing here to spread knowledge and to see if there is any way to get the 6 violations removed. the warning and sound persisted even after i regained control off the aircraft.

I was in a B738, FL370, M0.85.
According to my OFP, my TOW was 64.2k KGS, and this was about 15-20 after TO.


This is something we have never seen before though, so i’m not entirely sure that’s the case :/

This is a known issue however, but it’s only the warning + sound that remains. We’ve already confirmed that it does not give anyone any violations.

M.085 is way too fast, did a bit of research, max. speed for the 737 is M0.82


Still shouldnt be a factor as he says he was losing altitude…

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Maybe it was aliens? It could be a whole new twist to Infinite Flight. Area 51, Roswell, Joshua Tree National State Park…


The MMO is .82 the critical Mach will
be higher. I know from the experance that you can fly it at .85 but you’re cutting it close. I think it’s overspedding at about .87 as far as it’s set up in the app.

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