Aircraft Failures (New Ideas!)

Hey IFC! ❤️

Today, I want to talk about failures and emergencies.
I already know there is another thread but what I’m talking about today is different.

I think the game would be more challenging and fun if Infinite flight add the possibility of having failures.

For example sudden fuel leak, Engine failures, flaps failure, lost of thrust on one of the engines. Auto pilot failures and maybe other kinds of Emergencies too like Medical conditions for one of the passengers. That would transform the simulator into a challenging and fun simulator.

I’m pretty sure no one would like to have an emergency on his/her overnight flight so before starting all flights people will choose if they would be ready for an emergency or not. So if you are flying an overnight, you should choose “no” and if you are flying a normal 1-3 hour flight and you’ll be next to your device. You could choose “yes”.

The chance of having an emergency should not change and also should be controlled by Infinite Flight and not the pilots to make it realistic. Obviously they should not make it a high percentage.

I would also recommend that pilots don’t choose what kind of failure they want because usually a pilot should not be knowing what is it.

To make it fun and realistic, Pilots could control emergencies and it’s percentage during flight only in Solo Server to train for it and try it.

All this won’t make big difference if it’s not supported by ATC tho. ATC should have the Ability to instruct aircrafts and easily be able to talk to it and help it.

And to take all this to the next level, obviously, they should add the “PAN-PAN” call and the “MAYDAY” call.

⚠️ Important: I know emergencies are already available with Infinite Flight Passenger App but it’s not supported by ATC for priority landing. I hope you guys got my idea. If you like it, please vote!

If anyone has anything to add or to ask just reply and I’ll try to answer everyone :)

Thank you and Have a nice day! 😄

I think there’s already a topic about this…

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Please read till the end because I talked about the other threads :)

There’s literally a post about the role of ATC in emergencies and got closed :)


Ok those ideas were in 2 different threads and added them in 1 thread + I added a ton of other cool Features.
Oh and Micheal told me it’s fine to create a new thread if I’ll add more features and talk about it differently :)

There are numerous topics that we have available here on the forum. Some of which were linked in the replies above this one. Please check those out and check out the other failure type topics in the search box by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner. It accepts all sorts of words, keywords, phrases, and the alike. 🙂 Thanks!