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Hey IFC,

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the fact that we NEED emergency commands so ATC can understand if you have a problem. This is a crucial part of the aviation world and safety is the #1 priority therefore this feature should try to be a somewhat of a priority. I think a lot of IFC users want this and its been requested for a long long time. I think it should for sure come in the next update and or maybe in future project metal have crash animations (Engine fires, etc.) and more. I love your work IF and keep it up. Thank you.


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Emergency Feature
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Continue here plis :)

Well first, you need actual emergancies…

I’d recommend checking the topic linked by Mateo.

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Just to add, I’d think majority of pilots who would use the commands is to skip the lines at busy airspaces.

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ATC will report pilots that do.

Fake an engine failure on Expert, we don’t care. Back of the line is all yours.

It can happen. We just need to experiment with it. I understand it might take a bit but its worth it. So many cases now I need it and its not there like for legit problems not like trying to get to airport. For example low fuel but soon if added hopefully random engine fires, bird strikes, etc.

These don’t exist in the game currently, maybe vote for the emergencies feature request before making a request like this because this definitely won’t be added if emergencies don’t exist.

Ik lmao I love expert. I don’t want to fake it. Like I fly normally. But just in general it would be an interesting feature but NOT for pilots to control for. a bot to like probability wise.

If there were “bird strikes” at the hub airport, just imagine the chaos. 60+ aircraft in the line for approach, yeah sorry, we ain’t giving you priority. That’s never been the case, nor will it ever become the case. It’s a flight simulator, not an emergencies simulator.

Yeah I know they don’t exist, however they should be added in the coming months/years.

I don’t think you quite understand what project metal is. Project Metal is an update that will redo the graphics engine for Infinite Flight, making it easier to add things such as dynamic lighting, 3D buildings, and clouds. This doesn’t mean crash animations are going to be added.

From the Infinite Flight Project Metal Blog:

I recommend you do some reading on project metal. You can find the link here:

And you say that pilots who skip the lines will get ATC reports; how would we know if a pilot is faking the emergency to get to the front of the line, or experiencing an actual emergency.

Then feel free to vote in the respective feature request. No sense in having emergency commands if we don’t have any emergencies. This isn’t Infinite Flight Crash Simulator.

I know project metal. I was just thinking maybe it would come as in like an update separate but in around the same timeframe.

There is no confirmation or even likelihood that they will be added, which is the reason I’m questioning this feature request.

Sorry if I am coming across as rude, I’m not trying to be.

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Oh no worries. Yeah I agree its very unlikely but its worth a shot to try, “the future belongs to those who believe in there dreams” - Eleanor Rosevelt.

“No sensing in requesting something without purpose”

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“Mayday mayday mayday, my phone has a low battery”


aw naw baby that ain’t gon work

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Continue in the feature request that Mateo linked. Additionally, polls in feature requests don’t serve a purpose given we have the ability to vote. If people think it’s a good idea, they’ll vote for it. If they don’t think its a good idea or support the proposal, they won’t vote for it.