Aircraft exiting the runway always have right of way!

Just thought it would help y’all because on numerous accounts Grade 3 & even Grade 4 individuals have cut me off from exiting the runway. Shame on you. This should be known universally.


Word! Curious though, was this on Expert or Training, and was there a ground controller at the time that this occurred?

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If was in the training server, don’t expect people will behave properly.

It was on training and there was not a ground controller at that time but 30 seconds later one came online🙄

But still Grade 4 should be setting an example

Well, there’s your problem… Too much to ask for given the circumstances, and even this happens on Expert. But I totally understand your frustration!

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Agreed, but don’t let that ruin your fun, just ignore those who can’t behave, doesn’t matter the server, they will do that anyway.

That’s the whole thing, don’t let them ruin your fun. Then again if this was on casual/training, nimrods need to learn somewhere so they can stop being nimrods.

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