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Hello and welcome to this aircraft engine type wiki. This wiki will display all the engine types for each of the comercial aircraft in Infinite Flight. I am open to suggestions about what i should update this with etc…You guys can help too. Since i am only doing comercial rn, and you want to add a general aviation aircraft or military aircraft, let me know in the topic thread with the engine manufacturers and the aircraft type, plus the livery if that applies to the aircraft. Thanks and enjoy the engines .



Air France: CFM56-5b powered engines
Avianca: CFM56-5b powered engines
British Airways: CFM56-5b powered engines
Frontier: CFM56-5b powered engines
Mexicana: CFM56-5b powered engines
Tarom: CFM56-5b powered engines


Airberlin: CFM56-5
Air Canada and Air Canada Rogue: CFM56-5
Air China: CFM56-5
Air France: CFM56-5
Azerbaijan Airlines: CFM56-5
British Airways: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
Brussels Airlines: CFM56-5
Cebu Pacific: CFM56-5
Croatia Airlines: CFM56-5
Delta Air Lines: CFM56-5
EasyJet: CFM56-5
Eurowings: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
LAN: CFM56-5
LATAM: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
Lufthansa: CFM56-5
Northwest Airlines: CFM56-5
Qatar Airways: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
S7: CFM56-5
SAS: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
Saudia: CFM56-5
*SilkAir: International Aer Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
Swiss: CFM56-5
TAM: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
TAP: CFM56-5
TigerAir: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.
Tunisair: CFM56-5
Volaris: International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines.


Agean Airlines: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Aer Lingus: CFM56
Aeroflot: CFM56
Air Asia: CFM56
Air France: CFM56
Air New Zealand: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Alaska: CFM56
Allegiant: CFM56
American Airlines: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Avianca: CFM56
Azul: CFM56
Batik Air: CFM56
British Airways: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Dutch Bird: CFM56
EasyJet: CFM56
Eurowings: CFM56
Frontier: CFM56
IndiGo: International Aero Engines (IAE)
JetBlue: International Aero Engines (IAE)
JetStar: International Aero Engines (IAE)
LATAM: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Libyan Airlines: CFM56
Lufthansa: CFM56
Peach Aviation: CFM56
Quantas Link: International Aero Engines (IAE)
SAS: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Spirit: International Aero Engines (IAE)
United Airlines: International Aero Engines (IAE)
US Airways: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Virgin America: CFM56
VivaAerobus: CFM56
Vueling: International Aero Engines (IAE)
Wizz Air: International Aero Engines (IAE)
WOW Air: International Aero Engines (IAE)


Aer Lingus: CFM
Air Canada: IAE
Air India: CFM
Alitalia: CFM
American Airlines: IAE
Asiana Airlines: IAE
Austrian Airlines: CFM
British Airways: CFM
Cebu Pacific: IAE
Delta Airlines: CFM
Dragonair: IAE
Etihad: IAE
Finnair: IAE
Frontier: CFM
Gulf Air: IAE
Iberia: CFM
JetBlue: IAE
Middle East Airlines: IAE
Philippines Airlines: IAE
Qatar Airways: IAE
Spirit Airlines: IAE
Swiss: CFM
Thomas Cook: CFM
Turkish Airlines: CFM
VietJet Air: CFM
Vietnam Airlines: IAE
Wizz Air: IAE


Etihad Cargo: RR Trent 700
Turkish Airlines Cargo: RR Trent 700
UPS: RR Trent 700


Aeroflot: Rolls Royce (RR)
Air Asia X: Rolls Royce (RR)
Air Canada: Rolls Royce (RR)
Cathay Pacific: Rolls Royce (RR)
China Airlines: Rolls Royce (RR)
Delta Airlines: Rolls Royce (RR)
Egypt Air: Rolls Royce (RR)
Garuda Indonesia: Rolls Royce (RR)
Korean Airlines: Rolls Royce (RR)
Lufthansa: Rolls Royce (RR)
SAS: Rolls Royce (RR)
Singapore: Rolls Royce (RR)
South African: Rolls Royce (RR)
Srilankan: Rolls Royce (RR)
Swiss: Rolls Royce (RR)
Thai International: Rolls Royce (RR)
WOW Air: Rolls Royce (RR)


Etihad: RR Trent 556
Lufthansa: RR Trent 556
Qatar Airways: RR Trent 556
South African: RR Trent 556
Thai Airways: RR Trent 556
Virgin Atlantic: RR Trent 556


Aer Lingus: XWB-97
Aeroflot: XWB-97
Afriqiyah Airways: XWB-97
Air Caraibes: XWB-97
Air France: XWB-97
Air Mauritius: XWB-97
Asiana Airlines: XWB-97
Cathay Pacific: XWB-97
China Airlines: XWB-97
China Eastern: XWB-97
Delta: XWB-97
Emirates: XWB-97
Ethiopian: XWB-97
Evelop: XWB-97
Finnair: XWB-97
FrenchBee: XWB-97
Iberia: XWB-97
Japan Airlines: XWB-97
Lufthansa: XWB-97
Malaysia Airlines: XWB-97
Philippine Airlines: XWB-97
Qatar Airlines: XWB-97
Singapore Airlines: XWB-97
Thai: XWB-97
Turkish Airlines: XWB-97
United Airlines: XWB-97
Vietnam Airlines: XWB-97


Air Austral: RR Trent 900
Air France: RR Trent 900
Asiana Airlines: RR Trent 900
British Airlines: RR Trent 900
Emirates: RR Trent 900
Etihad: RR Trent 900
Korean Air: RR Trent 900
Lufthansa: RR Trent 900
Malaysia Airlines: RR Trent 900
Qantas: RR Trent 900
Qatar: RR Trent 900
Singapore: RR Trent 900
Thai: RR Trent 900
Transaero: RR Trent 900



Air Tran: RR BR700
Bangkok Air: RR BR700
Blue1: RR BR700
Delta: RR BR700
Hawaiian: RR BR700
MexicanaClick: RR BR700
QantasLink: RR BR700
Quantum Air: RR BR700
Spanair: RR BR700

B737-700, -800, & -900

Aeroflot: CFM56-7B22
Aerolineas Argentinas: CFM56-7B22
Aeromexico: CFM56-7B22
Airberlin: CFM56-7B22
Air China: CFM56-7B22
AirTran: CFM56-7B22
Alaska Airlines: CFM56-7B22
American Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Arik Air: CFM56-7B22
British Airways: CFM56-7B22
Caribbean Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Copa Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Delta Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Egyptair: CFM56-7B22
El Al: CFM56-7B22
Fiji Airways: CFM56-7B22
Flydubai: CFM56-7B22
Garuda Indonesia: CFM56-7B22
GOL: CFM56-7B22
JAL Express: CFM56-7B22
Jet2: CFM56-7B22
Jet Airways: CFM56-7B22
Kenya Airways: CFM56-7B22
KLM: CFM56-7B22
Kulula: CFM56-7B22
Lion Air: CFM56-7B22
LOT Polish Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Luxair: CFM56-7B22
Malausia Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Malindo Air: CFM56-7B22
Mango: CFM56-7B22
Norwegian Air Shuttle: CFM56-7B22
Qantas: CFM56-7B22
Royal Air Maroc: CFM56-7B22
Ryanair: CFM56-7B22
SAS: CFM56-7B22
Sriwijaya Air: CFN56-7B22
Spicejet: CFM56-7B22
South African Airways: CFM56-7B22
Southwest: CFM56-7B22
TAAG Angola Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Thomson: CFM56-7B22
Transavia: CFM56-7B22
TUIFly: CFM56-7B22
Turkish Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Ukraine International: CFM56-7B22
United Airlines: CFM56-7B22
Virgin Australia: CFM56-7B22
WestJet: CFM56-7B22
Webjet: CFM56-7B22
Westjet:** CFM56-7B22


Air Canada: PW
Air Portugal: PW
Alitalia: PW
EAA 50th: PW
Iberia: PW
Iran Air: PW
Japan Airlines: PW
Norhtwest Airlines: PW
Olympic: PW
Pakistan Airlines: PW
South African Airways: PW


Air France: GE
Air India: PW
Asiana Airlines: GE
Atlas Air: GE
British Airways: RR
Cathay Pacific: PW
China Airlines: GE
Delta Airlines: GE
Lufthansa: GE
Malaysia Airlines: GE
Philippine Airlines: GE
Qantas: PW
Thai Airways: GE
United Airlines: GE


Air China: GE
Boeing Freight: GE
Cargolux: GE
Korean Airlines: GE
Lufthansa: GE
Nippon Cargo: GE
Seattle Seahawks: GE
Transsaero: GE


Aeromexico: PW
Allegiant Air: RR
American Airlines: RR
British Airways: RR
Delta Airlines: PW
Finnair: PW
Icelandair: RR
Monarch: RR
Northwest Airlines: PW
Thomas cook: RR
Thomson Airways: RR
Transavia: RR
United Airlines: RR
US Airways: RR


Air Canada: GE
Air France: GE
American: GE
British Airways: GE
Delta: GE
Hawaiian: GE
Qantas: GE
Thomas Cook: GE
United Airlines: GE


Aeromexico: GE
Air France: GE
Alitalia: GE
American Airlines: RR
Asiana Airlines: PW
Austrian Airlines: GE
British Airways: RR
Delta Airlines: RR
Japan Airlines: GE
Korean Airlines: PW
Malaysia Airlines: RR
Nordwind Airlines: RR
Omni Air International: PW
TAAG Angola Airlines: GE
Thai Airways: RR
Ukraine International Airlines: PW
United Airlines: PW
Varig: GE

B77-200F, & -300ER

There is no different engine type, all engines for this aircraft at the moment are General Electric or GE

B787-8,-9, & -10

There is no different engine type, all engines for this aircraft at the moment are General Electric or GE


CRJ-200, -700, -900, -1000

There is only one engine type for this aircraft, that is the GE CF34

Dash-8 Q400

Every livery in the game has the same engine type, the PW150A


E170, 175, 190, 195

All of these aircraft share the same engine type, the GE CF34-8E

McDonald Douglas:

DC10 and DC10F

Both of these planes have the PW JT9D-15 engines


Alitalia: GE
American: GE
China Airlines: PW
Delta: PW
Garuda Indonesia: GE
Japan Airlines: PW
Malaysia Airlines: GE
Philippine Airlines: PW
Swiss: PW
Thai International Airlines: GE


Aeroflot Cargo: GE
Centurion Air Cargo: GE
Ethiopian Airlines: GE
Fedex: PW
Lufthansa Cargo: GE
Martinair Cargo: PW
Saudia: GE
Varig LOG: PW
World Airways: GE


If you don’t know what some of the engines official names:
PW: Prat and Whitney
RR: Rolls Royce
GE: General Electric
CFM: is the actual name of the engine company
IAE: International Aero Engines
XWB: is the Rolls Royce made engines for the xtra wide body aircraft

*This is a moderator/staff approved topic/thread. If you really want proof PM me.
*If you want to see some Military aircraft let me know in the topic chat.
*If i made a mistake please PM me rather than clog the thread.

Thanks guys for reading, I hope this topic helps you in any way possible!!



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This is misinformation: Avianca use the Pratt and Whitney PW6000 engines on their Airbus A318 aircraft, and there are other thrust options on the 737NG besides the CFM56-7B22. The -800s and -900s most commonly use the CFM56-7B26, -7B27, and the -7B28. What I see here is a half-a$$ed list of 737-700 operators, without the 737-800 and -900 included. United Airlines also has GE90 (Ex-CO) engines on select 777-200ERs, and PW4000s on theirs. The 787 doesn’t just have “no different engine type, all engines for this aircraft are General Electric or GE,” the 787 has Trent 1000, General Electric GEnX or Rolls Royce Trent TEN engines on the 787-10. Please check your research to avoid making a mistake like this.


@Kimball_White Sorry i didnt meet your requirements. If you read above I said to please PM me any mistakes I made.

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By the way, GE and General Electric both stand for the same things. Thanks.

@Kimball_White Please don’t come into my topic that I spent 3 hours making, only to point out the flaws I made. Things like this can easily be fixed. And yes I am fully aware that GE and General Electric both stand for the exact same thing

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A couple weeks back I spent a long time on Wikipedia cause for some reason I suddenly wanted to know all the engine types. This topic would have been really useful!

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@Kimball_White. Most non reworked aircraft only have one engine type for the entire aircraft choice. I did my research using google and matched the engines to the game. Mistakes do happen

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Technically it is a WIKI because i do have approval from a mod/staff to make that, i just didnt know if it should be in the title

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