Aircraft downloading without my knowledge?


I’ve noticed recently that Infinite Flight took nearly 6GB of space on my device. I uninstalled it then reinstalled to re-download only the planes I would fly.

The problem comes here: A couple of times I browsed the Aircraft List, I’ve noticed that the planes I didn’t download were installed in the game. I didn’t download the A330, A340 or the NASA-modified 747s. I also didn’t install the C-130s, and only some Airbuses (A320 family and A380) and a couple of Boeings (747, 777 and 787).

Am I hallucinating here or is Infinite Flight downloading and installing planes without my consent? I’d appreciate helpful replies. Any flaming and roast attempts will be used to cook my delicious dinner.

I believe that when you go online, planes that others are using are downloaded on your device so that you can view them in game. Hope that helps!


There’s was recently an update on IF, so you might be experiencing the new data from the App Store downloading. However I do believe the planes have to be selected to download but something might’ve been changed in the new update. It’s possible.

Happy Flights!

This problem was before the 18.03 update rolled out.

(And I think IF downloading plane models that online users use is a possible solution!)

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This is exactly how it works :)

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So this is NOT A PROBLEM. It’s a damn FEATURE?

Can’t say I’m surprised (hypocrisy) but I understand the reasoning now and I just bought a 50GB iCloud storage so I can free up space on my phone.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me!

(It actually reminds me of when Apple revealed that the CPU throttling for the iPhones were a feature and not a bug.)


This is nothing new or something that we’ve tried to hide. We’ve mentioned it multiple times :)

The reason is because you wouldn’t be able to see other users in Live otherwise, which would be pretty bad and end up in a lot of unfortunate situations like taxiing through others and so on.


Alrighty…I guess it’s my fault for playing on Casual server where F-16s use the whole runway at Heathrow 😂😂

Simply go to settings as soon as you open the app, go to live and in check the box for download aircraft when on cellular network. Then you will have to do it manually, and therefore saving space by downloading only aircraft that you choose to fly

And when he’s on a WiFi, which most people are? ;)

Cellular data and Infinite Flight would be a good combination of battery drainers so i always play on Wi-Fi and when I’m charging.


I mean turn off the Automatic download thing

That’s only for cellular and won’t help if you’re on WiFi :)


I was on Wi-Fi when the downloading thing happened, and no, automatic downloads over cellular data were disabled for me.

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