Aircraft Downloading Question

Hey, so I love the new update. The only problem I have is I have to load every single aircraft on the ramp to download it. Is there another way to download all the aircraft besides this way? I need them all downloaded or else I cant see players with planes I do not have downloaded. Thanks!

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You can see all the aircraft according to the devs so it doesn’t matter. Just download them as you use them.

The problem is I cant see aircraft not downloaded. Unless my aircraft limit is set to low. Let me check my settings.

I think it’s streamed now or something so it won’t matter unless you fly it in which case your settings will affect it. I would wait for someone to explain it all for you so you are well informed regarding this.

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Yeah, I’ve had that same issue for two days now. I’m using a Samsung Tab S4. Tried it both on WiFi and Cellular - yes my connections were strong and good. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I turn off the tablet after I finish use every time too. I can’t see any aircraft but mine no matter the settings I have it on. I’ve sat on the ramp for maybe 20 minutes and even used the free cam method for around the same amount of time. Only aircraft remaining visible would be mine.


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