Aircraft Dispatcher

I am strongly looking into becoming an Aircraft Dispatcher. If anyone has experience or knows any information and would be willing to answer some questions i would greatly appreciate that! Also point me in thr direction of guys who may know if they don’t see this topic please.


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@AdamCallow share your wisdom 👋


*share your m-agic


I’m confused haha, what?

Thank you!

The infamous M-AGIC is a dispatcher on the Isle of Man is what he means ;)

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Oh I get t now haha. Tgsmk you guys. Appreciate your help

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I think you mean Air Traffic Control?

No, he means dispatcher. Different entities in real world aviation ;)

I see now lol

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I have wisdom?


you have magic

I private messaged you btw I’d you have a second

I have a few friends who are aircraft dispatchers. It’s a well paying job that requires minimal education, at least in the United States. Just go onto an airline’s website and apply there.

I’m working as airport service manager at Paris CDG. If I can help me let me know.

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