Aircraft disappearing from the map

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE
Operating system: Android 11

Hello folks!

Recently I’m having issues with aircraft disappearing from the map. It happens both when flying and controlling. It’s also visible in the replays. I tried installing the hotfix, clearing the scenery cache, etc. I’m also pretty sure that there’s no connection issue on my part. I can send a recording link if requested.

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How good is your internet

I consider it to be “good enough” for Infinite Flight. It’s the same internet that I was using every day and I had never had an issue like this before.


How much storage is infinite Flight taking up on your device

Did this start happening after the update?

IF uses 9.87 GB for now. I still have 20 GB of empty space.

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Ok so you should be good on that

Not sure, but started to happen recently, yes. In fact, I haven’t updated IF until today but I had the same issue even after updating it.

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Maybe try reporting it in the 22.1 Hotfix

Could you send this so I can see.

I’ll send you a pm

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