Aircraft Disappearing and Reappearing

I understand a poor internet connection generally isn’t the pilot’s fault, but it’s so irritating when an aircraft disappears, I taxi in their place to close the gap, and then it reappears. What should I do in these situations?

Well, thats quite the predicament. If it does happen, try to pushback if the space is still open. If someone moved into your spot, then you’re stuck.

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This seems to be an increasing issue as of late where (especially in long takeoff queues) aircraft will disappear for a few seconds and reappear. When this happens, I’d recommend staying where you are until they reappear. If they’re gone for like 20ish seconds, go ahead and move up. If they reappear inside of you, just stay there until they move up.

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As a controller, I always presume that the plane will return, so I don’t instantly change sequences or vector into their path, etc. I, personally, would give it a few seconds before moving into the spot, because it’s likely they’ll return.

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do you ghost as ATC if you see that?

No. Mostly because no one can predict aircraft randomly disappearing, so it’s not really the pilots fault. If we do ghost for going through another aircraft, we have to be sure it’s deliberate (for example, cutting through the entire takeoff queue).

Understand, let’s pretend you see that and ghost me, do you know if the replay shows if the aircraft in front of me dissappeared for 20 secs or more? Because of my connection I cannot see him but you do…I know it’s a indivual and hypothetical case…😃

Your replay resimulates everything you see. So, if an aircraft disappeared and your replay shows that, you can get your ghost reversed.

I’m not sure that is the case… been wondering that myself.

Really? If it’s not the pilots fault and there’s proof then it should be reversed right? Or am I missing something? 🤔

No about the disappearing. It’s not a video.

I know, but if the data doesn’t show that an aircraft was there, then the replay wouldn’t show it.

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