Aircraft design

Hey infinite flight community can you please help me create a aircraft for a livery I’ve been working on. Thank you I’m excited to see what you guys can do. Good luck

Could you please elaborate?

For example imagine a MD-11 and a Concorde had a baby or a a380 had a MD-80 tail with GE9X Engine

Ah damn, I have no idea how to do that lol, maybe someone else will help you with those morphs

Okay it is hard XD

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There is one NASA freeware for that, but it is sooooo complicated to use…

Ok I may try it tho

Do you know the website name or link

I am searching…


Have fun!

I found another one feel free to design your own ideas for yourself too! Here is the other one I found!/aircraft

It’s not the best but it is ok it focuses more on livery and interior than design

Hi so I just finished a plane I am pretty proud of also do you think that I should send it to NASA go get it tested

I call it the fr-78 eagle it’s kinda like a Flying Fortress mixed with a erofighter typhoon and it uses the same engines as the f 35 and the sr71 there is 2 sr engines and 3 f 35 engines

Hey there, nice drawing!

Could we please keep it to the thread linked below?

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Please use the drawing topic linked above as this topic has nothing to do with Infinite Flight.