Aircraft Deliveries/Ferry Flights

So I was just wondering. How do aircraft manufacturers deliver their aircraft to customers that are very far away?

For example; Flybe with their Canadian Dash 8’s or Brazilian Embraer E-195. Both aircraft don’t have nowhere near the range to reach the UK from where they’re built. Or are they built elsewhere like how Airbus has their US factory? Do they make loads of fuel stops?

Obviously this could apply to other narrow bodies like A320 or B737 family in Asia, as they’re quite far away from their birth home!

Look forward to finding out

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I believe they make fuel stops.
I know Airbus makes A320 in Tianjin, China. So there shouldn´t be a problem there. I would guess the 737s fly via Hawaii.


Yes, 737s delivered to Asia and probably Australia make a few stops of which one of them is Hawaii.

For long range deliveries on short haul aircraft they either add temporary fuel tanks to extend the range of the aircraft or make stopovers. For Atlantic deliveries there is usually a stopover but for Pacific they add the fuel tanks.


I believe they can add temporary fuel tanks, usually in the cargo bay.

Empty aircraft have a lot more range than a full one. FR flies 737s non-stop to Europe when they take delivery.

When global comes out I will definitely try this


Delivering what Aircraft 🙃🙃🙃🙃

He will deliver the brand new IF 787 !

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To San Francisco! With an Escort!

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@Ninetales Idk probably a A330 Factory livery from Toulouse to Miami or so. Or a 737-900er Factory livery from Seattle to Amsterdam. Who knows yet :D


The Embraer aircraft KLM ordered fly via Faro, Portugal. So just one stop and then off to EHAM.
The Boeing aircraft fly straight from the factory. They are long haul, so…

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A 737 has a range to fly from KBFI to EIDW nonstop
(That’s the way they are delivered to Ryanair obviously)

They do fly via Hawaii, usually Honolulu, on Delivery flights to Asia

First Tenerife and then Faro

Thailand airway is self collect. They sent pilot to collect the plane.

Not sure about Boeing, but there’s an Airbus A319 passenger service that’s operates over the Atlantic from LHR to YYT (Air Canada) on a regular basis so they obviously have decent range even when full.

The future way:

They get launched by a NASA rocket, put in a powered module, re-enter earth and the module auto-land lands the the module at the airline’s hub airport.
##The current way:
I have absolutely no idea.

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They make multiple stops.
Eg: A Kenya Airways 737 flies from Seatlle to Toronto or somewhere in Canada and then crosses the Atlantic to stop in Manchester and then makes one stop(maybe) in Africa on its way to Nairobi.