Aircraft Damaged During Storm at Brisbane Airport

Aircraft were damaged in a severe storm at Brisbane Airport in November. A QantasLink Boeing 717 had 2 stairs thrown at the fuselage, a Qantas Boeing 737 had a damaged engine and fuselage after stairs smashed into it, a Jetstar A320 had its stairs blown over and a water tank thrown at it, a Virgin Australia ATR 72 had a gear collapse and a Nauru Airlines 737 was pushed onto the grass. Hangars were damaged by the wind, many GA aircraft were blown over, stairs/trolleys had blown about the airport and jet bridges were damaged. The aircraft including the QantasLink 717 (VH-VQU) are now repaired and flying.


Thanks for the update!


Thankyou very much for this information, hope the planes are ok!👌


I remember when that happend. After the storm my mate and I went and had a look at the planes ourselfs and although they weren’t completely wrecked they looked bad


That’s gonna be expensive. Do you think the airport will pay for the damages?

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Airlines operate the airports resources they would pay, I’m sure some sort of insurance would be used.

I could be wrong…

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I’m pretty sure the planes are insured. Therefore they will either get repaired or replaced

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Wow they must have been powerful winds, Mother Nature can cause so much damage :(

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You can watch a video of the stairs smashing into the 737 here @Louis @CryticalAce @Skylines @anon91505560 @Emoji_Bird @Lachlan_s


Cheers for the link mate

It looked so scary, and just missed another 737’s tail cone as it went on its adventure. Airport mayhem!

That’s awful! It’s pity for those planes :/

The outcome was a mess for that poor little 737. The staircase literally came out of no where and ripped part of it to shreds.

That’s really bad! It’s a sad for that QFA 737 :/

Thanks for the link! That is crazy, glad everything turned out ok in the end though

And I just think it’s so weird and funny a staircase decided to go on a trip around the airport 😂

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Poor little innocent 737, it did nothing to deserve this

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Yeah it is really weird XD

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Yeah, it didn’t deserve that at all

On a side note I love the 737 (particularly the 800NGX)

Yah, It’s pity to see them in that fate :/

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