Aircraft damage modeling


Adding aircraft damage to flight models in IF would increase realism tremendously and make the sim even more interesting (ex: Emergency scenarios such as engine out, engine fire, etc can be added as missions and practiced as well).

G forces are already measured IF so this in addition to other things can help with designing the damage model.

Some examples of aircraft damage that could be added:

  1. Airframe damage from hard landing: A high G force landing (ex: more than 1.5 Gs) would result in airframe damage such as landing gear damage etc.

  2. Engine Failure: Exceeding 100% N1 for a certain period of time will result in an engine failure.

  3. Engine fire: Exceeding 100% N1 for a certain period of time will result in an engine fire.

  4. Aircraft in flight breakup: Exceeding aircraft G limits or exceeding V never exceed (barber pole) will result in the aircrafts structure being compromised.

  5. Icing: If you fly in weather conditions where icing is possible and you don’t turn on anti ice systems for wings and engines, those items can fail.

These are just a few ideas for aircraft damage that could be incorporated into IF. The option to have aircraft damage turned on or off would be included in settings. Feel free to comment.

Would be cool but devs priorities probably not on this for a long time.


Wouldn’t that put more burden on ATC and other airplanes? If you need to make an emergency landing, you would disrupt the flow of traffic at crowded areas.


Yes it would but that would be realistic. This is a simulator.

What do you think happens in real life when any aircraft, especially a large airliner, has an emergency requiring troubleshooting and/or immediate landing? ATC has to handle it pronto and still coordinate other traffic safely.

I’m not a an air traffic controller but have a lot of respect for them given the caliber of person they have to be to do such a job, especially during emergencies and other intense situations. There ability to calmly handle such situations,traffic challenges, multiple requests etc is impressive.


But then you would have users, especially Grades 1 and 2, abusing the system.

Oh yeah that would be cool! Like bumping into each other but if you hit too hard thats a crash


I feel that the devs was would never be able bring great improvements to infinite flight if they lived in constant fear of trolls and non compliant users.


It’s fair to say that any aircraft colliding with another aircraft whether flying or on the ground would be a crash.

I kind of like the ideas but I like infinite flight because I think it’s more of a casual sim with an easy to use system, adding these would kind of take away the easy to use system. Maybe if in casual and training you have an option for easy or hard mode like in ets2 and in expert you have to use the harder system that you described.

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This is a cool idea but I have no votes left…

Would be interesting, but I don’t think it’s something we need right now. Plus, what if I want to go Mach (random number over 1) on casual?

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Then you can turn it off.
Yea, this wouldn’t be a priority. However, it might be interesting to see in the future.
To minimize trolling, I would only have this available on the Expert server and Solo, or just Solo.
At the very least, I would like to have an option to turn on aircraft collisions.


I don’t think that they’re going to add actual visible damage models. We’re talking about a mobile simulator here. It works on a PC with a solid graphic card, but it won’t look good on a mobile device.

But: I like the idea that the engine fails if it’s stuck at >100% N1.


Good idea but nah. Too much work.

Yeah it would be a realism option you can turn on or turn off in settings.


In my mind the priority would be simulating aircraft damage over visuals. If they can do visuals that’s great but simulation is priority.

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I like the idea, but the thing is that some people might abuse it and crash into other people just for fun. Also adding on to this idea, there could be an on-and-off feature so beginners don’t feel stressed out about emergencies and could learn the basics of the game before handling emergencies.


Make it happen, and forbid trolls to crash into the ground or other aircraft, and if they do so, ban them indefinitely from Live. That’s the rule on VATSIM, any act of “terrorism” gets you permanently banned from the network. No one has any hard feelings about it.

Nothing cleans up like the brunt end of a billy club.


Yeah it would be an option in settings and trolls can always be ghosted.

The trolling issue to me is rather simple. My perspective is this: Global is a paid subscription so getting ghosted by IFATC should be a wake up call to either be mature and respectful or don’t bother using global. Long story short, it would be foolish to pay for global and troll because your going to get ghosted and lose out on the ability to enjoy your subscription.

If EVERYONE (IFATC, moderators and all of us users) do our part to ghost offenders (all of us users have power to flag offenders for ghosting when we see them breaking the rules) things will be a lot better. I think it will take a community effort to fix the trolling problem.

We shouldn’t allow Trolls to ruin the app, our community, or hamper development of the app.


Good idea but could crash Infinite Flight servers because of all the moving parts etc.