Aircraft damage and/or performance issues

Would be realistic to have aircraft damage and/or performance issues for: high G situations (ex: hard landing or high G in flight maneuvers) , exceeding 100% N1 for certain period of time (ex: engine failure or fire), icing development which effects aircraft performance in icing conditions (ie: would require addition of an anti-ice feature or altering flying altitude to prevent) and damage for landing off the runway (ie: aircraft landing gear collapse upon landing off runway or automatic crash if you land on water).

I totally understand that Global is the priority and appreciate the hard work that the devs are doing. This would just be a cool & realistic feature for the future. Feel free to comment

That would be extremely hard to show damage to the plane and on the expert server why would you be crashing your plane?


Let me quote my dear fellow mod Henrik: “This isn’t going to happen simply because of how many users would do this on purpose and troll.”