Aircraft Crashed During Flight

I need some help if possible.

I’m about 30 mins into my flight, aircraft is at cruise FL400, NAV set, M.85 and I’m along on my journey. Checked my ipad a while later only to see CRASH on the screen and in the process I picked up 6 Violations and demoted to Grade 1. Is this a known issue and can a mod advise me on how I can possibly correct this. I haven’t had a violation in literally years.

  1. Are you 100% sure you set your cruise? This happened to me once and come to find out I never set my cruise.
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Yea I was…I generally don’t walk away unless I know everything is good to go

Was the issue maybe your aircraft was too heavy for FL400? Thus causing it to stall out.

Did you have any flaps that you forgot to put up? What was your Aircraft?

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BBJ, it was stable and Flaps were up

.85 is pretty fast for the BBJ series.

Have you had any previous problems?

Happens all the time, usually due to your fault by turning autopilot off or cruising too fast and running out of fuel. Mach .85 is too fast for and 40,000 is kinda high for a 737 so I’m confident you ran out of fuel and crashed.

In future, fly at Mach 0.78 in the 737. Only aircraft you can be flying at Mach .85 are large twin jets

Nope I flew it from the US to Asia with no issues

Ran out of fuel in 30 mins?

Well did you use simbrief for accurate fuel and altitude planning? If not, you likely did not carry enough fuel, plus the in efficient flight path and it’s bound for disaster.

But hey, I may be wrong and you tapped the autopilot accidentally

I was doing a 13+ hr flight so I had a full tank

It’s not normal to cruise at .85 with the bbj buddy. Normally they cruise at .78 but I don’t think that’s the reason you crashed.
Q. Was the aircraft heavy?

Well then I’m wrong and you bumped the autopilot.

I’m sorry but whatever the reason, it’s not a bug, the only time it’s not pilot error is when the servers mess up and all the throttles idle

Dang 😩😩😩😩☹️☹️☹️

If you list your call sign a moderator should be able to check it for you however it’s unlikely the violations will be removed unless it’s an extremely rare occurrence with developer side bugs.

Discussed in a PM after reviewing Flight profile. Thanks all :)