Aircraft control

The control of aircraft manually is not possible. Crashes each time the minute coming out of auto.
Help is requested.

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Do you calibrate your device everytime before you disengage autopilot?

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Hi @Arash,
Make sure you collaborate with your device before starting. If you still require further help, I would advise watching over the IF tutorials which are able to be found here:

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Welcome to the community @Arash!

A screenshot would be helpful. Check out the #tutorials section for help regarding aircraft controls and handling.

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Also make sure it’s trimmed properly

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Using the iPad all controls are completed out of synch.

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Calibrate at the beginning of the session but not after disengaging in the sky.


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Calibrate your device right before you digengage your auto pilot.


Two possible causes:

  1. You need to calibrate your device
  2. You need to set the trim while the AP is on so that the magenta bar disappears (or at least comes close)

Unfortunately this has not worked.
The aircraft is completely unstable and drops down to crash. Left / right / up/ down commands are all in reverse.

Can you share a screen shot of your controls page from the settings screen?


Screenshot the ˝controls˝ panel… At the bottom left corner :)

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