Aircraft Continues to Shake

I just noticed this today. When I’m taxing, everything is normal. Once I get in the air and I put it on AP, the throttle starts going up and down randomly and my plane turns side to side from about 3 headings.

It’s pretty hard to control this, is there any way I can get this fixed? I’m on IOS 9.3.5 and was flying the Norwegian 787-9.


You’re experiencing the A/P responding to the weather, I believe. Where were you flying and what was the weather in the region? The changes in tailwinds and headwinds will always cause the A/P to change throttle position to maintain your pre-set speed.

Also, depending on your device it seems that you may be a few iOS updates behind. Your device should be iOS version 10, at least.


LAX to San Clemente

Can’t remember what the weather conditions were like, just remember the aircraft shaking extremely bad.

This happens if the weather conditions aren’t good, like if it’s very windy or turbulent, the throttle will make constant (and sudden) adjustments to the speed to keep up with the autopilot setting. Also with the headings, the aircraft would turn to obtain the heading set on the autopilot. It’s normal.


This isn’t uncommon during winds aloft or gusty conditions. Can you replicate the symptoms consistently in multiple regions with all aircraft while using the A/P?

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I’ve found that after takeoff I now, no matter how hard I try cannot control the speed of the aircraft. My throttle is at 100% and the aircraft only goes from 167-170 in speed. Is this still due to weather? I’ve waited over 12 hours and it seems like the weather conditions have not changed.

What type of aircraft?

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What is the wind speed?

Airbus A380

Don’t know, how do I find it?

my aircraft always shakes no matter what weather.
just keeps going up, down, up ,down

Firstly, the a380 is an aircraft that awaits to be reworked with proper physics. So the physics of the aircraft might have thrown you off maybe. Second, the lower the temperature is, the harder the aircraft will takeoff and fly (Check the current temperature, which you can find in the METARs or in the bottom interface. Third, if you climbing up to a high altitude, 36,000 ft for example, the airspeed will drop. If you have your throttle up to 100%, the aircraft won’t fly that fast at that altitude. I hope this helps :)


My aircraft is doing something similar in this video produced by infinite flight. The throttle is unstable and keeps moving up and down except this time, I can’t change speed. Is what I’m experiencing similar to something like this?

That’s the AP trying to maintain that speed during harsh weather. It is normal in Infinite Flight, so you don’t have to worry. You can’t change the speed because the auto throttle is still on. Turn auto throttle (SPD) off and you can change speed. If you’re talking about the floating point bug (when your aircraft is shaking violently after a long flight and has no effect on throttle or speed) it is a known issue and it will be gone after Global flight is released.

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I did try taking the autopilot off. When does the harsh weather go away? Can I still play with the floating point bug?

You were flying in SoCal, and if you live here, it is EXTREMELY COLD. It is 12 degrees Celcius here. There’s not a lot of wind right now, so the poor weather is gone, so you can fly again. You can still fly with the floating point bug after a long flight, but it will annoy you. Again, the floating point bug is a known issue.

It’s the same in the Sydney region. And I still can’t climb in altitude. Should I reset my device maybe?

I have a hunch that the issue is still related to the auto pilot and what you’re trying to have the aircraft do. Run the sim, get the aircraft to do what you’re describing and take a screen shot of your full HUD. I’d like to see all of your instruments, autopilot settings (if you’re using it) and the weather will be at the bottom left of the toolbar.

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