Aircraft constantly merging left

I have been recently noticing how my aircraft is just turning all of a sudden. As soon as I push the throttle up, it merges left. Please help as I am paying for a pro subscription in which case I can’t even fly a plane.

Device: IPhone 7
Operating system: IOS

Can you provide more information? What plane were you flying? Where? What were the wind conditions?

Have you calibrated your device?

Go into settings And tap controls when your device is calibrated and in the neutral position. You should see all values be very close to 0. Mine are kinda off because I’ve got it on a stand.

Is your auto-calibration on?

auto calibration doesn’t exist that i know of. But when ur about to take off, always go to the menu and calibrate ur device so u can fly the plane smoothly.

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I meant auto cordination lol. My fault on the typo.

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