Aircraft color on radar of ATC

I think of one thing why not put different color to airplanes depending on what they just want for example
United 454 makes a pattern work we could put it in green
And those VFR in red
And IFR stays in blue
I find that in many airport especially busy airport we lack clearance on our radar

It’s good idea but IRW all look the same, just flight tag. Will look kinda kiddies stuff.

Oh yeah that’s right we could surely put that in a server training then? I promise you when you are looking for a plane among 30 others it is quickly made more complicated between those who spam because they have not understood that a plane is landing or want to spam the authorization to take off at the gate 😂

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I know what you mean… This is newest kinda radar screen… Its better then old days green screens. :)

I love that idea. It would be much easier to use

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It’s a cool idea but personally think that it would look too… plastic. If we want to maintain realism to it’s max we should do with what they also have in real aviation. And if that means a black background with a whole bunch of aircraft on top of that… then so be it. I’m sorry you do not have my vote on this one. But don’t let it bring you down, keep the ideas and features coming!

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You know the aircraft change colour, right? Aircraft cleared to land are green and those that arent are white?

This would ruin that.

Only their tag changes color. The actual aircraft icon color doesn’t.

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So I think that enridge it would have to find something else but I find that we lack visibility when there are many people

Imagine how confusing that would be though? 😂 having a red VFR aircraft on visual approach, cleared to land? The track data (aircraft label/details) would be green while the plot (aircraft symbol) would be red!


TCAS has yellow and red aircrafts too. If reds are the one coming to land… On controllers screen all look like going to crash… Go around! Go around!

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On training server I never see the color change except for landing

Clearance is on the tag. Approach doesn’t have patternwork anyway.

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Sounds a lot like what I was talking about yesterday.

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