Aircraft Collison Feature (Ground and Air)

Alright let’s get back on topic please…

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i dont know what i have to say for you to get it but i can not ban you even if i wanted to (i dont) i cant its up to the mods

You could always flag him. D:

I understand I just want to be friends now please let’s get back on topic and I’ll stop arguing you gave me the answer thanks, and have a good night:)


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Well tell me this what happens if a plane spawns in at your gate and this would just cause a lot of mayhem because all the noobs would try and get other players ghosted even if they did have a report a troll it wouldn’t stop them

Gates would be reserved just as ATC is on the selection menu.

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And other players don’t get ghosted they just crash and have to start over only the ones who crash into the person get XP taken away or ghosted.

Start over ?! You mean if I was on final from a 2 hour flight I would have to start my flight all over again ?! That’s insane

No that feature is for taxiing.

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No that feature is only for taxiing:) I wouldn’t punish someone that harshly plus midair collisions are less likely.

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Unless you have a fighter jet

I’m revising it where the person who crashes into you loses XP and has to start over whilst the person whom was hit only loses 10xp and doesn’t have to start over that would stop the trolls and less experienced pilots and help them learn, and would keep the experienced regulars and more advanced pilots happy im gonna revise and edit this topic anyway since this was basically a first draft.

Unrealistic. That’s like saying the one who collided dies and the one who was collided with sprained an ankle.


What happens if you spawn at the same gate

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Siamese Planes.


Gates are reserved when you choose them on the load screen like on the ATC tower booking they start green and then turn yellow.

It would be a little realistic I’m just starting please give me some time and I’ll sort out all the flaws from this idea thanks. The feedback if useful for revising it.

But how do we know who crashed into who

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what if a troll made a false report but it sounded real and got the other person in trouble it would be a case of he said she said scenario

Like I said It was just a rough draft I need to revise quite a lot but thanks for the feedback:)