Aircraft Collison Feature (Ground and Air)

So I brainstormed this a while ago on another topic, and I think it may do more good than harm. Here’s what I think:

Let’s start with Casual

Casual Server:

  1. If two or more aircraft collide it will not result in any penalty whatsoever because it is the casual server.
  2. The Collison feature is optional in Casual, meaning that you can basically turn collison/crash setting on and off.
  3. You will also not get penalized for trolling as it is the casual server, and there is no ATC, or way to report players, as of now, and since it’s the casual server the devs shouldn’t waste time doing it since it’s basically just a server mean’t for fun.


  1. If two or more aircraft collide it will result in a violation warning, (2-4) to be exact, and then results in a violation (10-500 Xp depending on the accident) if you have it turned off, other wise if it’s on you just crash into the other plane and explode and die no matter what kind of collision settings he or she flying the aircraft has on.
  2. Once again the Collsion feature is optional for TS1/2, and may not be used if you do not want to use it. However it is recommended because if you have them off and you go through someone who has them on you may get away and out of it with just a violation, whilst the person you crashed through has lost no XP but has indeed crashed.
  3. If you are trolling then a user has a button when they click on “more information” on your username on radar, a button comes up next to Copy FPL that says report for trolling then the game will pause and a white icon (like that of the one that arises when you pay for apps will come up) and it will ask and say: Please write at least one sentence on what this person was doing, it will then send it to an IF database where mods can check if some jerk and idiot, didn’t just report someone for no reason and put in “1242772)/ hhhsjsha” or something stupid like that, this is to prevent false “Troll Alerts” or “Troll Reports” as I would call them.

And Finally the Expert Server:

  1. It must be on for the Expert server and all the other rules above apply. You must have it on and can be ghosted instead of reported for trolling and also ghosted for crashing into others. If you do crash into others it is an automatic ghosting for you and an Crash for the person/or people you hit or collided with.
  2. You will be ghosted either by the system as in TS1/2 or by the controller or even another user, (using the same system as for the Troll Report) however instead of a report they will be ghosted anyway automatically, and if the mods (when indeed reviewing it of course find a idiotic jiberish or false report they can unghost someone.
  3. You can and will be reported and ghosted for trolling so please don’t do it or just go to the casual server:)

Other Features in addition to this in an update in the future:

Getting stuck or mud or grass/dirt if you go off the end of the runway or to far off the taxiway, and those tally up most of the features, and one more if you collide with the black or grey figures on the ground (a.k.a the terminal) you will crash and both of these and many more features have the same punishments as the other ones above based of by server, with some assets and additions being slightly and even in some cases majorly and yet alike different.

What is this for:

To help make IF even more realistic and mainly to discepline trollers and disrespectful players, and indeed also to help ATC and make there job more realistic.

Why do I want this:

I always see planes land on top of each other and planes taking off into each other and also planes and pilots getting lazy and crashing into each other and flying through 8 patient planes waiting to take off, or land, but mainly take or taking off, sorry, admit it we’ve all done it 😂 This is here to help all that do it , and indeed troll stop, I know some people are now going to crash into people on purpose now, but who cares they will eventually get annoyed of all these rules and stop, which will leave a more realistic, Crystal clean IF, and indeed forum alike.

Thanks for listening to my words and ramblings, Forum, and have a great day or night all, wherever you are or live in this wonderful world:)

P.S. If you have any personal questions please PM or DM thanks bye…😀😀:)

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well its an idea at least


When you are willing to invest into a majority stake in FDS, you may implement these ideas.

Until then, the developers know best.


Yeah Thanks I’ve been working hard on it sorry it’s so long it took me a long time to write up:) @g100m

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heres the thing and its not to shoot down your idea but im used to righting rants so this should be easy anyways

1.Complaints:there will surely be loads of complaints coming in about the system false reports,its not far,I paid money for this guy resolve this now or ill delete the game and give it a bad review (your familiar with this one)
2.Spam:we only have so many moderators and they can only keep up with so much there great anyone knows that but like i mentioned in above false reports would just stake up and looking through all that would waste time they could use doing something else
3.$$$$:many people would be upset with this and say they dont deserve this since they payed to pay which is true so it would be a hard business decision

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I’m just trying to help, but just like fighter pilots in World War Two there is always someone waiting to shoot you down, I’m not mad I just want to help and thought this was a good idea.


thats why i mentioned i was not trying to shoot you down and the moderators and the Devs are on the forum they see the complaints they want to make a solution i see them discuss it in slack a lot too



Or simply stop trolling…😀

Believe me, I am no stranger to the usual “peanut gallery” around here shooting down my ideas.

I think some people take it to far with punitive actions for live server experiences and actions. I try to be as moderate as possible with any ideas I put forth, myself.

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Thanks @g100m I just wanted to show the community my idea, thanks also I didn’t know the mods had slack sorry, have a good night and thanks for the constructive criticism:)

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its IFATC slack

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Oh thanks:) @g100m

You realise i cant get you banned right thats the choice of the mods i can only simply express my opinion

If we ad this we should add TCAS because what if you collide with someone in low visibility



I know it seems harsh but someone had to come of with ghosting S originally and it would eliminate so many complaint topics, but once again as with nuoneswars thanks for the constructive criticism:)

Ah yes thank you very much I will add that and change up some of the rules @CaptainSpeedbird1974

just trying to show the other side of things

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I don’t want to be banned I was simply using it as an analogy and I meant the mods please.

I learned my lesson I didn’t do anything wrong can’t we just be friends. @g100m

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You were suspended? High Five