Aircraft collision at Lukla Airport


At least three people are killed after a collision at Lukla Airport. Locals said a Summit Air plane with call sign 9N-AMH collided with a helicopter of Manang Air, which was parked within the airport premise.
At least two persons have been dead, while few others are injured," local media reported. It has been reported that the Summir Air plane was en route to Kathmandu from Lukla.


At least four persons including Manang Air Pilot CB Gurung have been injured in the incident.

“All injured have been airlifted to Kathmandu and they are undergoing treatment at Grande Hospital,” Pandey added.

The deceased include co-pilot of the ill -fated plane Sunil Dhungana and Ram Bahadur Khadka, an assistant sub inspector of Nepal Police, airport officials at Lukla said.

According to sources at Grande Hospital, sub inspector of Nepal Police Rudra Bahadur Shrestha who was seriously injured in Lukla crash, breathed his last while undergoing treatment.


That’s not a place where u like to see these kind of things…hope all are getting better


Wow, I hope everyone will be okay. That looks terrible, I wonder how this happened. May the deceased rest in peace.


The News is reporting the plane was departing and yaw left hitting the helicopters

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That is not something you see coming from Lukla, sad to see there was Loss of life.

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This was like the second triple collision in like 12 months…

Seen pic and videos, terrible accident.

I was just flying at Lukla today and thinking how safe it was (besides the potential to fall thousands of feet if you don’t take off on time). I guess I was wrong 😐


This airport is not safe at all. There’s a big mountain on the other side making it impossible to go around. And the cliff you talked about making this airport the most dangerous airport in the world for 20 years straight. That’s a big achievement right there lol. Since the airport opend, it has seen 9 crashes. Considering the location 9 crashes is not bad but 9!!!
Sad to hear that 3 people had passed away. I hope this never happens again but I’m sceptical of that


I get sent aviation news from the Mentour Aviation App and the other day I got a link to a video of the crash caught by CCTV I will put in the video later

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It’s been on YouTube for sometime.


Are we allowed to talk about accidents on this?
If yes then that’s ok, Just wondering

Also I think IF have put up a NOTAM on the sim airport saying Props only

They have set up a restriction for anything larger than a C208, yes.

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Cheers, Alright then

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Yes you can talk about the incident at Lukla on this thread


Wow absolutely terrible. Wishing a fast recovery for those injured.

I just found out about this, this was a terrible accident. Here is an article from the Aviation Herald, citing that apparently the first officer was acting as PF, and might have been one of the reasons behind the accident:

In addition, here are two different footages from different angles. This video shows a lateral perspective, and It seems to me that the No 2 engine was either slower or had an issue just before impact.

This footage shows the accident from the 24 threshold:


Again, this was a terrible accident and let us all pray for families and have them in our thoughts of the people that suffered in this accident.

Oh gosh ☹️😭 I shouldn’t ever watch the crash videos that is just a bad idea

So the news article says he went the wrong way on takeoff what does it mean by that?

Well, apparently when they applied take off power, there was a directional control issue that cause a runway excursion event. The cause is not stated, it could be engine failure or propeller feather, or crew related procedure.

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