Aircraft centering (about weight)

hi, i want to ask, what is the centering of the plane when loading ??
(about weight)


There are two ways of centering. One is on your map press the button that looks like a Bull’s-eye. That will center your plane on your map. The second way is double tapping your screen to recenter your camera to the original camera position.

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I asked aboud loading, Weight centering, because without this I can’t find Trim position)
maybe not have phrased my question correctly…

Ah yes this makes more since now.

So with weight centering if you use the auto synchronizing feature where you move one of the sliders and all of the others move as-well. This tends to distribute your weight evenly about 98% of the time.

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You mean the Center of Gravity (CG)?


So in IF there is no way to tell this at all but usually if you auto syncronize like @USA_ATC said itl be accurated almost 100%.


Except for the C208 and the SR22 sometimes and the occasional Jet mostly the CRJ’s. It can get a-little wonkey so always double check. :)

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There are websitws which will get you all this info bjt usually they require like a $10 payment

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