Aircraft causing substantial lag

Hey! After 23.3 (more specifically, after the server restart the day before) other aircraft at airports are causing a near 50% FPS loss, even when aircraft quantity is set to medium.

However, this occurs seemingly random, as sometimes KORD filled doesnt lag at all, while 4 aircraft at SCEL affect it, and for either example it happens randomly aswell

This is really infuriating, as my device is barely 2 years old, and is starting to struggle frame rate wise.

Device: 2021 iPad Pro
System: iOS 16.6.1


Did you try updating to the 23.3.1 hotfix?

I already have not too long ago

Hmmm have you restarted your device

Also are you on the latest update of your IOS device?

both yes, but I will double check if there any IOS updates

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Okay let me know

just checked, I dont have any IOS updates for my device just yet

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For me I’m on the IOS 17 update

your device may be newer, my guess

Okay well I don’t know what to suggest

Yes It is IPad Pro 2023 4th generation

yeah its weird, its only aircraft causing this, high-object 3D airports dont lag unless there are lots of aircraft, and changing graphic settings dont change the FPS

It is weird. I have never witnessed this before!

Maybe try clearing scenery cache

Don’t worry, i do this constantly, sometimes it fixes the issue but it comes back

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That’s strange. I can’t really think of what else to do really!

One last thing, maybe delete infinite flight and download it again

I might try that, but i have a lot of important replays i want to use first

Okay. I’m pretty sure that all data will still be there even if you delete it

I’ve done that once and I lost nothing out of the replays

Deleting the app will delete ALL data, including replays.
Please save those first.

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