Aircraft Caton

Why is my IF stuck in some airports where there are more people and even the application crashes? I hope the official can solve this problem , Of course, I also try to reduce the quality of the picture, but still can not

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By stuck do you mean frame drops? or just frozen? and about the crashing what device do you have?

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This is most likely due to your aircraft count. Check your aircraft count in settings and try turning it down and see if that helps. If it’s high, and there is lots of traffic, your device may run poorly due to that.


How should I operate it?

Is the number of missing frames

Just follow these steps: Settings —> Live —> Airplane Count, and then you can change the number on airplanes that show up in flights (just as Shane said earlier, a lower amount of other airplanes on your screen helps with frame rate drops, missing frames, and potential crashes).

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OK, thank you very much

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Glad I could help! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. 😉

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