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Could I just ask that the ability to see/unsee PRO planes in the aircraft selection page is brought back? For non-pro users, removing the ability to see only available planes makes it difficult to quickly see what aircraft are at your disposal. So could we please have this old feature back rather than forcing people to see what they’re missing out on? If they want to see, they could just press the button and all planes would appear.


This is a marketing tactic so they probably won’t bring this back
But in the meantime you can make a #features topic

Yeah I figured. But surely having an automated pro ad pop up every time would be enough.

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Also I don’t have the option to make one for some reason

Actually, I requested this a few months ago:

What’s your Trust Level? Do you have TL2?

We have SO MANY feature requests. Sorry, but can’t prioritize features that cater to F2P users. It just makes no sense. As always, we would encourage you to purchase a subscription for less than the cost of a pizza a month. And much more delicious.


Wait you can eat IF Pro subscriptions?!?!? What does it taste like? Is it better warm or cold? If it does need to be heated, do you have to wait SoonTM for it to finish heating?


Dont you mean When its ready TM

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i think they’re relatively interchangeable, I see SoonTM used more often so I assume IF Pro cooking instructions would use that

Infinite Flight - Carry your passion fruit ™


My favorite tropical fruit

That has got to be my favorite message from you there

lol the bar is very low


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