Aircraft carrying COVID-19 test kits crashed

Tragic. I hate to be that person but I think this goes against the rule in the #real-world-aviation guidelines where topics about crashes are not allowed. While I doubt this is in any violation of the COVID-19 article, it may be in conflict with the category guidelines.

Oh, does it?
Well, feel free to take this down if it goes against the guidelines.

I’ll let a moderator make that choice but here’s what I’m referencing;

Aviation Incidents

As it is an unfortunate truth that there are many small aviation incidences on a daily basis. We ask that you refrain from posting about these on the forum. This is due to the volume of topics we would otherwise get that would clog up the forum and dilute productive discussion of other topics.

Oh no. RIP to those 8 that were killed 😢

Also It did not explode, it caught fire and overran the runway.


I’m gonna hold off flagging this as I think it’s allowed. Anyways, absolutely awful event. Rest in peace to the 8 people who passed away.

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Here’s some footage:


Don’t think this counts as a “small aviation incident”

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True, that’s why I’m gonna refrain from saying anything more.

Wow, this is tragic. A big blow to our attempts at stopping this virus and the families of the victims in the crash. RIP.

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Here’s FlightRadar24’s data:

Thinking of all of the people affected right now. This year has absolutely sucked


that it has mate. Everyone was so hyped that we might see a repeat of the Roaring 20’s but nope.

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Sad. The world will definitely not forget the sacrifices they made, the noble role they tried to play in combating this pandemic. May they RIP! 🙏🏾

It’s weird that the people this community are supposed to look up to are just trying to suppress this topic. People have lost their lives, trying to help humanity. A bit of human compassion could go a long way. Sad!


Did you even read the topic? Please don’t just view posts with the sole purpose of closing them.

I’m going to reference @Chris_Hoover, even though his post is about a screenshots topic, the concept still applies.


My condolences to everyone onboard! They were heroes going out of quarantine to deliver COVID-19 (coronavirus) test kits to those in need and they had to tragically lose their lives like that.

They will go down as fallen heroes in this battle against a hidden enemy.


They truly are heroes.

This is very sad, thoughts go out to those on board.

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This quote brought a smile to my face. Well said.


This is terrible. My deepest condolences to anyone affected. What makes it worse is that there were trying to deliver COVID-19 test kits.

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