Aircraft Carriers

I want USS Mattphil very badly.

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Cameron asked me to look in to marking up KNXP in SoCal. I will work on this tomorrow and will publish some images for feedback on The reason for the extra website is to reduce image content here. Always looking for feedback on improvement.


OK I have put this together in KNXP for a simulated ACLS (Aircraft Carrier Landing Strip). Let me know if you think this should be included in the next release or just not include: @carmalonso


Nice One! Cpt DJ

Also included this feature in KNKX


Touch and go landing of course

Try landing a 747 LOL Just kidding

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I hope they will add this :(

“In review” since 2011!😃😃 @HairlineAirlines

The aircraft sim things on the runway are cool for right now, but its impossible to land. You can only barely take off from them. If we add aircraft carriers, I think it would improve infinite flight a lot and take it to the next level.

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That’s why aircraft carriers have those “slings” to push the fighter to takeoff speed and to stop the fighter ;)

Yeah I know :) I live close to one that you can go on :)

I go to the Intrepid museum in Manhattan. Check for pictures

USS Midway Museum - Wikipedia is where i go :)

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I know this isn’t about IF but theirs a game similar were they have like 2 airports and few fighters and a carrier that move with working arrester cables. If you want a carrier try it. It’s called F-18 Carrier Landing. (Yes, it has more than just the F-18) Tell me if you try it or if you like it. 😀

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Here’s a possible work-around for that…

To simulate a catapult launch, the fighters in IF could have a “Catapult” button where it would give a momentary abnormally high throttle setting. Like a take off / go around button on steroids. This would only be able to be activated when on the carrier and only last for as long as the carrier deck.

Similarly, the arresting cables could be simulated by having a “hyper-brake”, one that has much higher stopping power than reverse thrust and brakes alone. Again, only able to be activated during a carrier scenario. You could fine tune it so that the feature would only work on the beginning of the carrier deck where the arresting cables would be. If you don’t have the wheels down by then, it would not function and you would have to bolter.

And speaking of carriers… If these two features could be implemented then the IF airport designers could just make a runway on a carrier shaped tarmac in the middle of the water somewhere off the coast. Seems simple enough. No taxi lines needed! It would be much more realistic than having F-14’s landing at KJFK! :)


There are already 2 airports with a simulated runway. And Miramar

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Yeah but I trie landing on it and I overshot the runway every time