Aircraft Carriers

Maybe a region where aircraft carriers are a thing, not moving, stationary. Basically runways in the sea but at the far right/left of the map have some land with a couple of airports? I think that’d be cool :)


Finally I can get those annoying fighters out of the commercial airports!

Nah, just kidding. But great idea!


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Sweet idea that could be fun I always wanted to be shot of an aircraft carrier.


I’d love a carrier too, doesn’t have to be to scale and we don’t necessarily need working arrester hooks.

Basically it needs to be a runway in the ocean around 100 ft in the air (or whatever height they are) and long enough to land with brakes already on (slightly shorter than the runway at Catalina. Outline just needs to be the same footprint as a large carrier with enough parking for say 10 jets.

Position it off the coast of California as we can go between it and Miramar.

I really do need this in my life.


im not quite sure if this topic should be under general or features but here it is. I would love it and I’m pretty sure anyone who tends to fly the fighter planes more often than any commercial plane would love the ability to land on aircraft carriers and not just airports. Now I understand many people would understand why but just in case I will briefly explain. For us who fly fighters landing on a runway at an airport is way to simple. I’ve tried many ways to make it more challenging but in the end it’s just way to simple. Plus I tend to get ignored more often because I am flying a fighter and not a commercial jet. The added benefit of making it possible to land on an aircraft carrier is that pilots who tend to fly more commercial jets won’t have to worry about us “silly” jets bugging you and getting in your way. So it will also free up some airports who are used more than others. Now I do understand that it may be difficult to add aircraft carriers and could take a lot of work ie; do they move around in the oceans or stay in the same spot, do we need to add an Atc so it can be more realistic, adding hooks and a new button to all fighter jets, what happens after they land since you can’t just take back off maybe a reset to the catapult so we can take back off etc… All in all I believe it would be a good idea and will make IF even more better. I understand there will be idiots who try to land on an aircraft carrier with a jumbo jet and just annoy us but maybe there can be a way that if they try the Atc can ghost them for just plain stupidity lol. This is of course just my opinion and would love feedback. Thank you


I’m not interested in the fighter jets nor do I fly them, but that sounds like a pretty good idea for the guys that do. Even if they just put one or two out off the coastline on a few maps.


I support your idea but don’t believe it will ever happen. Trash Hauling is the alternate name for IF in my book. As I recall a 1 wire trap on a moving deck in heavy weather is the most exhilarating ride of a life time shipmate. Only a bold few Eagles experience it. Mad Max Sends


@MitchellJames… Strap on a Super D Mitch. If you can master that little creature on a blustery day you’ll enjoy a sortie or two in its big brothers, a Spit first then an F/A-18. To call your self an aviator you must master the inventory. Regards, Mad Max Send


@MISFIT I would like to see aircraft carriers but I agree with @Maxmustang , I wouldn’t count on it or not anytime soon.

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@Boeing707 I highly doubt as well but just a food for thought type of deal. Again though I’m sure there are some computer wizards that play that could help the DEVS so it could be done.

Well that was my horribke attempt to make a poll

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I think this would be fun unlikely as Max said. One more thing did you steal your profile pic from DIsrael?

Just looked his up and since the pics are so small it does seem like it till clicked on lol

Oh yea your right it looks like yours is a spit fire to until you enlarge it lol

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I would love to have these as I am always flying Fighters!

We realize by now that an IF Aircraft Carrier is out of the question. The US Navy/Marine Corps practice Carrier Operations on hard top runways. Both Miramar and 29 Palms in SoCal for example are both equipped with expeditionary catapult & arresting gear systems. These runways are lined painted to resemble a CVA (N) were the gear is positioned. Naval Aviators are all Carrier Qualified. They must first be introduced to deck launch/recovery procedure on a hard runway before there permitted to “Hit the Boat”. Painting 29 Palms Rwy with the CVA(N) Carrier Deck markings may a solution for you Jocks and Cult members who want a boat. The IF Boat at 29 Palms could be christened: USS Mattphil. Max Sends


for a carrier we need realistic water, which we don’t have. we don’t have realistic land, airports ;(

This is an awesome idea!! @carmalonso

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