AirCraft Carrier

I love the military planes primarily the Air force planes but I also like flying the F-14 and F-18 It would be nice if the Naval air stations had arrester wires on the runway as they do in real life and if the Navy planes carrier arrester hooks would could work it would also be nice if we had 10 to 12 aircraft carriers With arrester wires and Catapults On the carriers hopefully the curious would be designed after the U.S. Navy Nimitz and Ford class carriers around the world so navy planes can fly It would also be nice if you could bomb enemy targets To go along with the carriers I believe it would be necessary to add new liveries to the F 14 and F18 As well as a live cockpit and the F18 blue angels livery and the f35C F4 and C2A could be added to Increase the Navy aircraft lineup

Feel free to vote here: Sailing Aircraft Carriers.

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