Aircraft Cargo Units

Hi everyone,
Your local IF noob here again, and today I’m flying from KLAX to PHNL and using simBrief to work out my route.
But as I got to the cargo planning phase I got extremely confused, and I can’t seem work out if the units are in LBS or KG. And because simBrief believes that the maximum amount of cargo to be carried by an A350-900 is different t the one in IF (both in LBS and KG) my brain got completely lost.
And google, being clueless on everything to do with Aviation, doesn’t know the answer, what is a better way to find out than ask the local IFC forum!
A quick reply would be helpful (not sounding rude!) as I am due to depart at 9:00 UTC.


Hi im pretty sure simbrief is default to lbs but you can change the value on the right hand side of the screen to kgs.

As for A350 weights im not sure what the real life weights are but I would just use the IF weights.


Also IF. Is default to lbs


I don’t blame you XD

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