Aircraft bobbing

So I started a flight from London to Hong Kong with B777- 300ER. Everything was normal until I reached my cruising altitude, which was 35,000ft and the speed was 264kts (IAS). (The load was about 81%.) My problem is that the aircraft started to bob up and down. It pitched its nose up and got to 35,200ft then it stalled to 34,800ft. And it didn’t stop. I have had this issue with the B777- 300ER and the Airbus A380. And now I don’t know what to do anymore. If someone knows, what’s wrong then I would be really grateful for some tips.
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May I ask what your VS was?

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Yes, the staff are aware that the 777-300ER will bob up and down during cruise with ALT on and VS to 0.
Trick: Turn off ALT and when at cruising altitude, set VS to 0. It’s a temporary solution and will be fixed in the 777 rework.


The 777 is known for doing this, along with the 787 stalling and pitching up during flight, and the A321 bobbing like absolute crazy.


The B748 has a prominent dutch roll problem too.

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I fly a lot and never encountered any problems with these, stop spreading false informations.

You must pay attention at your speed and N1 at all instants. If you fly very heavy planes or planes with unstable center of gravity, you must know what you are doing.

Most of the time I fly bellow the 800ft/min over 25000ft and all goes well. Try that and fly around FL310 / FL320 you should be good.


Thanks for the tips!
But I already know that the bobbing is an issue on the B777- 300ER.


YES! I have experienced that. For me it usually happens when the speed is too low.

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I have actually never had problems with the B787 dreamliner(s). I had the bobbing problem for such a long time that I was almost thinking like am I really dumb and I just can’t fly, or is my brain overfried. The a380 bobbing must had been from the heavy weight (load was over 95%). But I really am not sure.

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It was 1500 max and I reduced it before I reached the cruise level

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Then your issue probably has something to do with the issues that others have stated above. 1500 should not cause the aircraft to do what it did in your case.

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I believe the A321 and B777 problems, but not the 787s


787s pitch up, but they don’t stall.

A321 was fixed with 19.2. 787 does not have an issue. Please keep up to date with current status of things and to what is a real issue or not before making any statements. Thank you.

The 777 issue is known, but pilot induced due to too high VS when leveling out.


ONly seems to be a problem on the 773 and not the 772 models. I fly the 772 fairly frequently without issues, but the 773 (and A321) has the issues described above which sort of take the edge off it. However with the B777 currently being re-worked I imagine that will then be sorted out, (hopefully the A321 will be resolved as well as would like to fly that on some flights again!)(Edit - Now sorted…must give it a go!)

This is not false information. The A320 family is known to violently bounce up and down during cruise if your at a high speed, the 777-300ER is right here… I’ve never encountered the 777-300ER issue myself, but heard of it. And the 787 does have a pitch issue during cruise, and can lead to a stall, which happened on my 17 hour flight to Perth, which I luckily was watching at the time and got control after dropping 10 000ft. This is not false information so you’ve either not encountered it, which is good, or you haven’t opened your eyes to your flight or the community.

And the A320 was fixed, so if you’re inquiring about that, I apologise, but that was a previous issue.

Ok, thank you. I haven’t flown the A320 much recently, more 737s for several VA’s.

What was the mach speed? If you set you’re IAS to about 317/318 it translates to M.84/.85, the speed that the B777 flies. If you set it to 264 at say 12,000ft and then left it, this will be causing the issues.


The 777 issue is not pilot induced as reported by many, following each possible scenario.

I honestly find it really disturbing that even if hundreds of players have reported it, you keep holding onto this outrageous excuse of a statement.

Now, I know the rework is in progress, I just think I’ve developed a recoil towards your copy/pastes.

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I’ve flown all variants of the 777 dozens of times, and not once has this happened to me. In my eyes, Schyllberg is correct: the issue depends on the user’s actions.