Aircraft being removed

Ok so since when are some aircraft being removed bc I thought E170, E195 are also getting a rework bc they are important aircraft too, why remove them it doesn’t make since at all


The E170 and E195 were removed due to the decrease in the amount of operators of the aircraft, and to make room for newer, better aircraft.


That’s true but the E195 has a lot of operaters and same with E170

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It’s the circle of life


To me its like. Why remove a aircraft when you put the effort to make it in the first place. The E170 & E195 were way then the C17, and its not removed


I don’t think a lack of operators is a valid reason. The AC-130 has only one operator and it hasn’t been removed

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Probably because pretty much every operator who has the E170 and/or the E195 also has the E175/190.

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Don’t go after me, that’s just what’s been said in the past by the people that make the decisions.


Keep in mind that the E170 and E195 would need to be either:

  • Kept in their current state, which was vastly different in quality from the E175 and E190. This isn’t a good look when new users open the app and see these old planes alongside new ones, and users will constantly ask for them to be updated too.
  • Reworked, which would require a lot of work building the 3D models and flight physics. Instead of working on the Challenger and A380, devs would be spending time on two more Ejets.

While I completely agree about there not being any need to rework those two planes…I dont really understand the statement about them needing to be removed to “make room” for newer planes.

It’s not a physical hangar. It’s not like there is limited space for a set number of airplanes, unless it’s a matter of cost regarding storing these digital assets but frankly I have a really hard time believing that would be a factor. Maybe live servers need more computation to account for more plane models flying at the same time but again, considering the number of people flying these planes it’s hard to see that being a significant factor. There is no active upkeep on these models.

It seems more likely that Infinite Flight is relatively ‘embarrassed’ to have these significantly lower quality models in the mix with newer ones that have set a new standard of what’s to be expected of these models. And again, I dont necessarily disagree with that, quality has changed over the years and people expect live cockpits and other things, but why not just be forthright and say that?


Both the reasons you gave are the exact reasons the models were removed.

  • 2 additional models require storage, meaning it has a cost.
  • quite frankly, the quality for these aircraft was absolutely terrible, they last were reworked/added ten years ago, even the staff said the quality is inferior.

The C-17 doesn’t have a reworked/new replacement.


We chose to rebuild the E175 and E190 from scratch given that:

  • New aircraft take a lot more time to build today than they did in 2012, due to our increase in features and quality
  • They were the most popular variants from the EJet family in Infinite Flight
  • They had a good balance of North American liveries (E175) and rest of world (E190).

We chose to remove the legacy models of the E170 and E195 because maintaining old models adds complexity. Each time we improve our rendering/aircraft feature pipeline, we need to update all of our aircraft to use the same internal technology, which is slow and presents extra challenges with older aircraft that we are unlikely to rework in the near future.

We did not remove the aircraft due to lack of operators; this usually isn’t a factor in deciding removals, whereas it is a factor in deciding what is reworked.

If you’re interested, we spoke more about removing some legacy aircraft here:

What about the really old aircraft? There comes a point for each aircraft when they either need a rework or they need to be removed (either temporarily or permanently). This will very likely be the case for some of our fleet due to the resources required to maintain older aircraft as various rendering and game engine advancements are made during development. Unlike some games and simulators, we have one version of Infinite Flight, as opposed to releasing new versions with better technology. Instead, we are continually updating aircraft models to bring them up to standards, allowing all users to use the same app, all the time. We will communicate which aircraft will be removed from the app when the time comes.


Exactly thats is the most poorest excise I’ve ever heard

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I get it but why call it the E Jets rework when it’s not complete this seems like someone was against the E170 & E195 They could’ve been reworked all you gotta do is shorten the E175 and Extend the E195 you won’t have to make anything out of scratch

That’s funny. Maybe IF should hire you?


Tell me when the last time you flew the AC-130 was.


Like a year ago

Each aircraft, similar or not, is an entirely separate model that has to be developed and tested. We made very clear that we would not make multiple variants the standard into the future. In this instance we knew how different the E175 (US operators) and E190 (global operators) were and decided to offer both as a way to create more opportunities for our global audience.

As we rework and replace aircraft in our fleet others will be removed. As an example, the in-progress CL35 will likely replace the Citation X, an aircraft which we have no future intentions of reworking due to it’s limited operators and more favorable competition in it’s category. As always, we will communicate any other removals at the appropriate time.


Honestly, it is odd that people are still mad about a thing that happened multiple months ago. If they knew people would just complain, they probably might have to think twice on the rework. This whole situation literally would teach you that ‘If you have something you want for a community, you should consider the pros and cons before fighting about it’