Aircraft banking hard when on NAV

When on NAV mode my aircraft changes heading when on a new WPT it rolls too fast like a fighter jet and not slow and smoothly like real aircraft as compared to manual changing of heading.


Yeah it just does that

is this for every aircraft?

yeah thats the problem with every aircraft. as soon as next waypoint is less then 20 sec banks all of a sudden. only 20 degree though but a sudden bank.

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Many aircraft bank quickly when on NAV, but some planes such as the 787 have a slower turn.

no. all aircraft bank 20 degree in one go. not gradual turn. and it jerks as well if you notice from external camera.

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Make sure you use way points that don’t have to sharpe turn between them it’s easy too control the bank angle doing this

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What Mark said will really help! Aircraft in real life don’t follow FPLs with huge tight turns whilst at cruise. Try to space them out more when you’re at a higher speed, and then you can compact them a little when at a slower speed!

Hope this helps (:


i dont think that would help. like even for a 30° turn the aircraft will bank 20° in one go. and slowly level off as we get closer to set heading. its not about banking heavier. it’ll always bank 20° max. bit its bank in one go. like if you need to bank 20° it should be like slowly there. but it does it instantaneously. i can get a video of it. shortly.

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I think it would be nice if the ‘trigger point’ of when the aircraft reaches a waypoint was a bit further away.
Currently I think it is 1 mike from the waypoint. I think this is fine for when flying below, say, 28,000ft. However, if this was extended to somewhere around 3 miles away when above 28,000ft then the turns might be smoother.

The only reason I say this is the extra distance effectively reduces the radius of the turn, therefore requiring a shallower angle of bank to achieve the turn in time.

Couple the above with the idea stated by Mark and backed up by Misha… we should end up with a fairly realistic looking cruise.

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i dont think its in distance at all. if you follow map in fpl mode. you’ll notice it triggers when ete is less than 20sec. so higher the speed the higher the trigger distance.

Ooh right, I always thought it was done on distance for some reason. It must literally be the amount of control input that is allowed then.

Hey, you can make it bank slower and smoother if you go to into (IF) settings > controls > lower sensitivity on roll (it’s a slider)


that goes when manual flying. not autopilot i presume.

Nope, works with autopilot too. I always lower it 1/3 of the way. Much smoother bank


Even for sharp banks?

It’s for any bank. Manual or autopilot, doesn’t matter if it’s a sharp turn, it’ll turn much smoother but slower

Wow I never knew this- awesome!

I’m guessing this is because the IF autopilot will basically just send the same data as a manual bank but the only difference would be the input. Pretty neat :)

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