Aircraft aren’t showing within a Close Distance

Version Information

22.1 (1498)

Device Information

iPad 9th Generation, IOS 15.1


While I was on descent into KLAX with my friend who escorted me. And when they were getting closer to me, I couldn’t see them at all when they were around 3nm. So, I went in and out with the normal camera and it didn’t work. I waited until they got to 1nm and they still didn’t show up. So, after the flight I went to the replay mode and it showed the F-22 appearing less than 3nm. My aircraft count was at medium.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch Infinite Flight.
  • Start a flight on the Expert server
  • Have an escort with you
  • Takeoff/land or just fly around

Expected results

I should be able to see the aircraft when they’re less than 3nm near me

Actual results

I don’t see the aircraft when they’re less than 3nm right near me.

More Information


I’m sorry but I don’t know what happened. I’ll try to duplicate but, I’m assuming you have your aircraft count up?

try restart your device or set your aircraft to very high then try to wait until aircraft appears after that changed it again.

Yes, it was at medium

So obviously it should be showing more than 1nm. I’ll get someone to duplicate.

Yes, that’s correct. It hasn’t happened before the update

The flight is already over. I tried it in the replay mode and the F-22 showed up

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I actually was doing plane spotting at LA before a flight and I had the same issue. I’m on iPad Pro at very high plane count.

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I think this is a know issue with server in 22.1.


Most likely


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