Aircraft are disappearing and appearing

Device: S20
Operating system:Android 13

aircraft are disappearing and appearing and when I’m at the airport I change the camera to see the other planes, most of them disappear, the map already shows that it’s there and that’s why I can’t see the plane taking off this also happens in the replay


are there a lot of planes? if so the sim may unload some planes to load in others

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Hey! You might want to check what you Airplane Count is in the ONLINE settings of the Sim.

There are a few options.
VERY HIGH is what you are looking for.

However note that having a VERY HIGH airplane count does higher the chances of a game crash (on my device at least)

Cheers, let us know if it helps!


mine does not lock, the problem is when I put the camera outside some planes disappear

I think that’s what’s going on

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